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What do you do?

We are the only professional firm that specializes in helping only employed executives with what they must do and not do in conducting a confidential job search in order to not jeopardize their current employment.  We will need only 1 hour of your time each week for a couple or three weeks in order to do virtually all critical work for you to become confident about actually finding your next position after launching the confidential job search approach we have perfected over the last twelve-plus years, which you can then execute at your own pace.  

Because we realize that you can't possibly know how valuable our help is to you until you experience it, our firm has initiated a money back type offer
for anyone who starts with us right away, which we can tell you about after you send your inquiry to learn more about how we might help you.  Our confidence about why our approach will work for you comes from clients. they have repeatedly validated that when they've used our knowledge and experience to execute in exactly the right way all of the confidential job search deliverables we provided them, they found a new job.  Of course, your program is built around your unique situation and you will absolutely stay in charge of how your job search is implemented.

Who are you?
For over twelve years we have enjoyed an excellent reputation helping hundreds of executives get recruited into their new positions as a result of our having refined time and time again all the essential components critical to a successful confidential job search.  And while we are aware that within the career assistance profession there is a wide disparity of professionalism and competency, we truthfully believe you will find that we reflect the highest standards of professionalism and consulting best practices.  We also know from all of our years of experience assisting clients in virtually every field and industry that our approach not only will work when you execute all the deliverables included in your program in exactly the right way, but that we also likely at some time in the past have seen something similar to the particular job considerations important to you.

Why should I consider using you?
Executives ultimately retain us because they decide from our intimate understanding of the confidential job search process, that we know which approaches will make them more confident about actually getting successfully recruited into a new position.  You can find a position more quickly and efficiently by utilizing our perfected, comprehensive approach that incorporates multiple initiatives for conducting your job search versus other approaches that focus on just one or two methods.  See what other executives have said about our services by clicking on "Testimonials" above.  We welcome the opportunity to answer your questions about how we can dramatically enhance your chances of getting recruited.

What is your fee?
Our fee varies depending on the services required to thoroughly launch your job search.  Executives tell us that the ultimate value they derived from engaging us along with all the deliverables they received was the extra confidence they gained to move their confidential job search forward.  Many also have told us that they saw the fee as an investment they needed to make in order to advance their career.

Will you keep everything about me confidential?
We fully understand the highly confidential nature of executive level career transition consulting and, once again, you will also stay completely in charge of how your job search is implemented.

What if I still have more questions and/or some reservations?
We want to continue to answer in a confidential way any questions you may have until you are completely comfortable with seriously considering our help. So we invite you to click on Send Inquiry at the top of this page and we will get back you as quickly as possible or at your convenience you can call us toll free at 877-410-4104 and enter extension 222.

What else would you like for me to know?
We hope we have conveyed in the answers above that: (1) we fully understand the trust you are placing in us when you engage our help and we sincerely care about helping each executive get recruited into the right new career opportunity; (2) we have refined again and again throughout the past twelve-plus years our perfected approach to confidentially help executives efficiently and effectively find new jobs and that we offer the best job search help available anywhere; (3) we have instituted a money back type guarantee for any executive who starts with us right away; and (4) we want to keep responding to any questions you may have to seriously consider our help.  We invite you to click on Send Inquiry at the top of this page and one of our partners will get back to you quickly.

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